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How To Choose The Perfect Tiles

Quite frequently customers visiting our stores tell us that they are looking for a tile but don’t know much more than that. It’s not unsurprising when there is such a bewildering array of choice.

There is so much which needs to be taken into consideration with choosing the ideal tile that’s where we come in. You really are running the gauntlet when selecting & buying a tile purely online.

Choosing a tile on its purpose

It’s easy to fall in love with the look of a tile but it’s so much harder to make sure that this tile is right for it’s intended destination.

At Tiles Away one of our main strengths is to gently guide you through the whole process & to help ensure you get the right tile. It’s not uncommon for us to spend a good few hours over the course of three or four of your visits to one of our showrooms.

Whilst it might sound a bit odd we do not want to sell you just any tile in order to make a sale. If it’s not right & doesn’t do justice to your environment then you are not going to love it. If you don’t love it then your friends won’t love it.

As a small tile shop in Norfolk, we rely on good google reviews & word of mouth recommendations. Our job is to ensure you not only love the tile you buy but that it also looks awesome in its new home.

The technical blurb for our way of thinking is ‘customer-centric’, we just see it as obvious common sense.

How Tiles Away can help you choose the right tile

We tend to start off by asking you a few questions to get a feel for your direction.

Then we’ll show you some tiles to see how you react. Through a gradual process of elimination (with a few laughs thrown in along the way), we narrow things down quickly.

You’ll start to feel the weight of pressure in choosing the right tile start to lift as you begin to find the right direction by talking with us.

In most cases, you’ll end up with a choice of two or three tiles which best capture your imagination.

And so we go from there …

Here’s a list of our Top Six Tips to help you choose tiles:

  1. Plan ahead – Give yourself plenty of time before your project is due to be completed.
  2. Don’t rush it – all too often folks need to choose & order the tile within a few days for when the tiler is due to arrive. This puts unnecessary pressure on you & can often go horribly wrong.
  3. Measure the area you wish to tile – Bring us your measurements & have a chat about any awkward areas.
  4. How much natural daylight the room to be tiled has –  If it’s a room starved of natural light you might want to opt for a gloss tile. This helps reflect the light.
  5. What type of surface the tile will be going onto? –  wood, plaster, concrete, plasterboard?
  6. Any areas with excessive increases in temperature –  Hot water pipes? Fireplace? Conservatory? Or maybe you’re really lucky & you have an orangery! These sorts of factors which affect which tiles are best for the job.

When to choose a more expensive tile.

Do you have a relatively small area to cover or a feature wall? You could stretch your budget to a really posh, expensive tile.

For example, let’s say you want to do a feature splashback for your ensuite or for your kitchen.

We had a customer looking at tiles, her budget was around £20/m² but the tiles for that price was not to her liking. However, she was absolutely loving the tiles in the £40-50/m² range. This frustrated her as she insisted they were way over her budget.

When we explained that her feature area of 1.25m² for her downstairs loo was only going to cost her £50 for the tiles in total it was a no brainer.

Accidents happen … don’t get caught short

Always order a little extra, add on at least an extra 10% to the size you have measured.

This will help to ensure you not only have enough tiles to complete your job (taking cuts & breakages into account) but will also help future proof you should you need to replace any tiles at a later stage.

The investment of a few pounds extra from the beginning can help save you hundreds at a later stage. Tiles can become either discontinued or from a different colour batch. We ensure, as standard, that your tile order is from the same batch.

If the tiled area is going to need a lot of cuts due to awkward angles etc then you might want to consider choosing a smaller tile which will give a better flow to the room.

Ask Tiles Away for advice

If you are still unsure, then ask. It’s better to avoid costly mistakes than spend the extra time talking to our tile experts.

Ideally, we want you to purchase the correct tile for its use: for a floor tile in your bathroom or your wetroom, you might want to consider an anti-slip option.

Also, help choosing the grout colour can also play a big part in the final look of your tile. We have a range of superb Larsen Grouts to choose from. There are sample slips to take home too.