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You’d be surprised the number of customers ask us which is the best type of finish on a tile for a bathroom or shower. Some firmly believe a gloss finish is best, whereas others are adamant that it’s got to be a matt finish all the way. So what is the best finish to choose?

This is probably a debate which will continue to rage on long after this little piece. Both finishes have their advantages.
Gloss tiles are ideal for bouncing light around a room, especially in a room with little natural light. You can get gloss tiles with ripples in and these will accentuate the available light even further. Choose the right size tile and your room can look bigger as well as lighter. Sticking with lighter colours will be better than going darker when it’s brightness you’re after, but you can probably work that out for yourselves.

This positive comes at a cost, however. Unless you’re lucky enough to live the Instagram lifestyle dream, life is never plain sailing, right? For the very fact that gloss tiles bounce and radiate more light than a matt finish, they also show marks up much more. So unless you are prepared to keep on top of your cleaning regime after each shower hard water will leave it’s calling card all over your tiles. The longer you leave each clean the worse it will get.

Unlike their glossy counterparts, a matt finished tile won’t suffer from the urgency of the need to clean. For sure the more frequently you clean the better the tile finish will be… but a matt tile will not be showing up the hard watermarks or stains immediately.

Choosing the best finish is ultimately down to you. If your priority is to have more light in the room then a gloss finish is your best option. If cleaning down and polishing your tiles after each wash sounds onerous then your priority will be gearing further towards a matt finish. Be warned though, you’ll still need to keep on top of the cleaning… leave a matt tile unloved and uncleaned for too long and the residue build-up will become much more difficult to remove, especially on a matt décor finish.
The answer to the dilemma is as long as it is short. It’s down to you and your lifestyle needs.