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We have a great selection of garden room tiles at our Norwich & Attleborough showrooms. Both showrooms display our range of garden room tiles.

We are an independent floor tile specialist shop in Norwich. If you are looking to buy a tiled floor then we are the team to talk to.

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So you’ve always wanted a beautiful garden room & now your wish has come true. It’s time to tile the floor but you are not sure what tiles to go for.

Firstly, you need to ask yourself a couple of questions before doing anything else.

What is the main purpose of your dream garden room going to be for?

Is it for gentle relaxation or are you looking at some heavy footfall? Will you be lucky enough to be having a hot tub or Jacuzzi in it?

Will you be requiring underfloor heating for the winter months? Just a thought!

Answering this simple question will dictate whether you’ll need anti-slip tiles or hardwearing porcelain tiles or whether you can get away with simple and beautiful ceramic tiles.

What style are you hoping to create in your garden room?

Over the decades there are standout decor styles that remain popular. Your garden room can be an extension of your current home’s look. On the flip side, this area could stand apart from the rest of your house.

Here are some popular styles our customers shop with us for:

  • Victorian – romantic, cosy and overstuffed.
  • Clean-lined minimalist modern – keep it simple, less is more.
  • New England – think fresh, coastal and beach colours.
  • Country cottage – quant, pretty with ideas from the countryside.
  • Rustic – organic earthy colours with lots of texture.
  • Oriental – inspiring Asian floral patterns highlighted with black features

The decision process of selecting your tiles.

Asking yourself these two questions will lead you well on the way to making a more informed choice by the time to visit our showroom.

Taking time to think about how you want the whole look to feel will give you more confidence in the decision-making process.

At Tiles Away we are here to help you choose the perfect tile. Stocking an incredibly wide selection of tiles for you to look at and feel, we understand that getting design elements to complement each other is imperative.

Patience is key when guiding you through the whole process, ordering you sample tiles where appropriate so that you can take them home with you and put them in the intended area for a couple of days.

Added tips before seeking advice on tiles

Colours of the tile in the showroom can change quite a bit according to the lighting variation in your garden room. Even the amount of natural daylight can have a dramatic colour changing effect.

More often than not, choosing the right tile for the right setting is a matter of elimination. You’ll probably start off with 4 or 5 different favourite tiles, and we are here to listen, help, advise!

Bring us your room measurements along with any pictures or samples of furniture, fabrics etc and we will offer you our help and expertise in finding you the perfect tile for your dream garden room!