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We have a great selection of wetroom tiles at our Norwich & Attleborough showrooms. Both showrooms display our range of wetroom tiles.

We are an independent floor tile specialist shop in Norwich. If you are looking to buy a tiled floor then we are the team to talk to.

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When is a wetroom not a wetroom? When it’s a shower room. Essentially the only difference is that a wetroom has no shower tray & allows for easy no-fuss access.

Whilst we are only talking about choosing your perfect wetroom tile, it must be said that you need to pre-plan wisely & be sure of a few extra things.

Use a professional to install your wetroom tiles.

Creating the wetroom is probably best left to a professional as you will need the floor to be of the correct gradient allowing for water to run to a central point freely. Your room will also need to be tanked or waterproofed (we can help you with that).

A top tip is to raise the level of your doorway threshold by a few mm’s or so just as a precaution against the floor flooding with water should there be a bit of a blockage around the main plug, too much hair build up in the shower trap or a flannel dropped over the top of the plug.

Even better is if you can fit a channel styled drain away as this will help deal with an excess volume of water.

Here are some other things to think about when planning your wetroom.

Will you be wanting some niche shelving built into the wall?

If so, be sure to make the shelf-slope slightly towards the inside of the room to avoid a puddle build-up at the back of your shelf.

Where will your pipework go?

Many choose to hide all their main pipework behind the tiled wall. Some would prefer to have controls and valves on show, adding the flexibility of a shower hose as opposed to a fixed rainwater shower head.

Will you be wanting underfloor heating?

This needs to be decided straight from the planning stage for obvious reasons. Underfloor heating will certainly add some additional luxury to your dream & will also help dry away the surface water left on the floor from running your shower.

What is the best tile for a wetroom?

When it comes down to your tile selection there are in general terms only two considerations to be looking at straight off the bat.

  1.  Wetroom tile needs to have an anti-slip element to it. Most accidents in the home happen in the bathroom.
  2. It is best to opt for a non-porous tile like ceramic or porcelain otherwise, you will need to consider the extra expense of regular sealing of your tile.

The importance of a screen in your wetroom

Potentially you will need a screen in place simply to stop all the water splashing over the rest of your appliances, linens & toilet paper.

This screen could be glass but you could also create a tiled partition.

Tiles Away can help advise on your wetroom.

With all the above read & digested you can now begin the more fun elements of choosing your tiles:

  • Colour?
  • Size?
  • Style of lay?
  • Having a feature wall?

We are here at Tiles Away to help you find the answers to all your questions and to avoid some costly mistakes along the way.