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We have a great selection of outdoor tiles at our Norwich & Attleborough showrooms. Both showrooms display our range of outdoor tiles.

We are an independent floor tile specialist shop in Norwich. If you are looking to buy a tiled floor then we are the team to talk to.

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Tiles aren’t just for indoor areas. More of us are maximising what little living space we have by creating adventurous social areas outdoors too.

Whether you’re after a BBQ area or somewhere for that luscious hot tub or jacuzzi, or maybe you just have a small courtyard or veranda…. Tiles really can bring these areas to life.

Our Top Tips For Choosing Outdoor Tiles

Porcelain, Quarry, Slate or Natural Stone make ideal choices for all weathers.

Ideally, an outdoor tile needs to be vitrified (having low porosity & absorbing very little water) or at least be well sealed as in the case of Natural Stone.

With a smaller amount of water getting into the tile, it’s less likely to crack when temperatures drop to below freezing.

The golden rules for a patio or outdoor tile are simple enough. They need to be:

  • strong
  • durable
  • slip-resistant
  • frost-resistant
  • able to deal with heavy footfall.

Obviously a tile for outdoors needs a little grip on it. Serious damage can occur if you don’t take the degree of slip possibility seriously.

R Rated Outdoor Tiles

Tiles are graded with an R rating. The numbers after the R will indicate the degree of anti-slip. For instance, tiles around a swimming pool or a hot tub are likely to require a higher slip rating than just a few stepping stones down a garden path.

The R stands for ramp test, with 13 being the highest anti-slip finish and 9 being the lowest. Ideally, an R9 tile should not be used externally or in a ‘wet’ environment.

Stocking A Beautiful Range Of Outdoor Tiles

We have a massive range of stunningly suitable outdoor tiles at Tiles Away.

Whether you are looking for colour, patterned, terra cotta, modular, large format, old stone, new stone, wood effect, modern, old English come to us & let us help you find the perfect tile for your outdoor creation.

One last word on outdoor tiles for now… don’t forget it’s not just the floor which you can tile. Outside walls can make a massive impact & statement if done right.

All you need is a bit of imagination, some expert friendly knowledge & a chat with us at either of our store in Norwich or Attleborough