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We have a great selection of floor tiles at our Norwich & Attleborough showrooms. Both showrooms display our range of floor tiles.

We are an independent floor tile specialist shop in Norwich. If you are looking to buy a tiled floor then we are the team to talk to.

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We often get asked, “what are the differences between floor tiles and wall tiles”?

Not all tiles are designed to be used on floors.

Wall Tiles tend to be much lighter and thinner than floor tiles. The glazes used in the manufacturing process of a wall tile are intentionally different from the glazes used for floor tiles.

Floor tiles are designed and manufactured to withstand firm forces from heavy and consistent foot traffic.

You can see our floor tiles on sale in our Norwich & Attleborough showrooms

The tiles away team know their stuff when it comes to tiles and why we are here to help. We have in-depth knowledge and a keen eye from years of experience and can advise you on what tile colour schemes and patterns works well where and what doesn’t.

We can help you avoid a multitude of pitfalls and to ensure you get a beautiful tile for the right environment.

5 things to consider when you are looking for a floor tile

  1. Is there going to be much foot traffic in the area? You can choose either ceramic, porcelain or even natural stone for a floor tile. Ceramic tiles are the least durable.
  2. Do you need to consider a slip factor on the floor? Some tiles come with various degrees of ‘anti-slip’… a highly polished floor tile on a bathroom or wet room floor could lead to a serious accident.
  3. What is the sub base that the tiles will be laid onto? Is it wood or concrete? Is it for a wetroom? Are they any hot water pipes running underneath? We recommend laying floor tiles onto a primed concrete floor to reduce the possibility of natural movement within the floor which will, in turn, have a detrimental effect on your newly tiled floor. Wetrooms need to be tanked and sealed to prevent water seeping through underneath. Take a look at our Larsens Wetroom Tanking & Sealing Kit. Wood floors need a concrete boarding (6mm should be fine) such as No More Ply or Hardiebacker. Our 6mm No More Ply comes pre-primed.
  4. What type of adhesive can you use? Well, there are so many options out there but we strongly recommend that you do not use a ready-mixed adhesive for any floor tiles. Use a powdered adhesive such as our Larsens Extended Set
  5. If there are hot pipes running underneath the area you wish to tile, or you want to tile over underfloor heating or you are tiling an area where fierce heat will be expected such as in a conservatory or around a stove then you need to take extra precautions… Use only porcelain or natural stone and be sure to use a greater width of a grout line to allow for greater contraction & expansion movement. In larger areas, you will be requiring expansion joints too.