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We have a great selection of bathroom tiles at our Norwich & Attleborough showrooms. Both showrooms display our range of bathroom tiles.

We are an independent floor tile specialist shop in Norwich. If you are looking to buy a tiled floor then we are the team to talk to.

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Where does anybody start in remodelling their bathroom & choosing tiles that really bring their room to life?

It should be a really exciting adventure for you however we understand that many of you start off with a massive bolt of giddy enthusiasm only to see it soon become quashed & overwhelmed by the disparate volume of choice on offer out there.

By the time you’ve been to your 5th tile showroom, you might find yourself starting to get befuddled beyond belief. You are in safe hands at Tiles Away. Not only do we understand but we also care.

Our Top Tips For Choosing Bathroom Tiles:

  • Get a tape measure! Make a map of your bathroom. Measure the total room area from floor to ceiling, from wall to wall. Don’t forget to include the windows. If you want to complete the look with a tiled floor then take your floor measurements too.
  • Take photos! It is always a massive help when customers bring photos of the room they wish to transform.
  • Samples. If you have chosen fixtures & fittings already, bring samples (or photos) with you. This will not only give us critical information to help understand your preferences it will also help to save you a tremendous amount of wasted time searching for your perfect tile. Equally, we will be able to sort out tile samples for you to take away & look at in your actual bathroom.
  • Talk to us! Let us know if you intend to tile the floor as well as the wall… this can save a lot of time when going through options. Let us know if you are intending to have a wetroom or if your budget is particularly tight. Ultimately we aim to deliver the very best design to not only meet but to exceed your expectations.
  • Feature wall? What do you imagine to be the first thing somebody sees as they walk into your bathroom. Are you wanting a gloriously eye-catching design to stand? A stand out tile? Or would you prefer something less conspicuous and more muted? Deciding on the focal point is halfway there.
  • Accent tiles? Rather than going all out on a feature wall tile you might prefer an accent tile such as a small splash of a listello or an integrated mosaic strip. This brings an integrated dash of detail whilst coordinating cohesively with the rest of the room.
  • Floor tiles too? So you’ve sorted your wall design but now need to sympathetically match a floor tile to the rest of the room. The trick is to bring it all the elements of the room together. The last thing you’ll want is for every element to stand out… they will all clash & your glamorous focus will be lost. For a bathroom floor, consider the need for a degree of slip resistance.

A big part of our job is expertly guiding you through all the stages of tile selection. With oodles of patience, dollops of enthusiasm & a keen eye we listen, we suggest & we help you to bring your ideas to life. Come see us at either our Attleborough or our Norwich showroom… we are here to help.